1. Фотографии, созданные на основе русского фольклора.
    Photos based on Russian folklore abd fairy-tales.


  2. russian-style:

    Beautifully illustrated reports of Russian Imperial Hunt in the reign of Nicholas II. In the list you can also see the thousands of annually shot dogs and cats.


  3. memory-of-the-romanovs:

    The White Army - the informal name of the military-political groups who fought in the Civil War against the Soviets. Emerged after the abdication of Emperor Nicholas II in 1917. Origin of the term associated with the traditional symbols of the white color as the supporters of the “lawful order. Basis White Guard - the officers of the tsarist army; leadership - military tops (M.V. Alekseev, P.N. Wrangel, A. I. Denikin, A. V. Kolchak, L.G. Kornilov, Y. K. Miller, N.N. Yudenitch). Arose under the banner of the national salvation and restoration of statehood, which would entail the return and recovery of lost power, socio-economic rights and relations, market economy and reunion with the lost areas of the Russian Empire.

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    (со страницы baryshnya)


  4. Снегурочка
    Russian snowgirl

    (Источник: anamirta)


  5. russian-style:

    Mstislav Dobuzhinsky - Eugene Onegin: duel scene


  6. Карикатуры “Типы студентов”
    Cartoons “Types of students”
    1. Physicist
    2. Law student
    3. Medic
    4. Ukranian student


  7. frantziscu:

    Henryk Hector Siemiradzki - Funeral of Russian Noble (1883).

    (Источник: tilldamaskus)


  8. Русские мотивы в моде
    Russian motives in fashion


  9. Красота лица


    В одной улыбке состоит то, что называют красотою лица: если улыбка прибавляет прелести лицу, то лицо прекрасно; если она не изменяет его, то оно обыкновенно; если она портит его, то оно дурно.

    Лев Тостой


  10. Фотографии из Советского Союза, 1950-1958.

    Photos from Soviet Union, 1950-1958


  11. Красный угол
    Red corner


  12. Русская свадьба, начало XX века

    Russian wedding, beggining of XX century